1. Which of these ranges is the unique local unicast range?


2. What commands have to be used on your router interfaces before NAT will translate addresses? (Choose two)


3. Which of the following is true regarding access-lists applied to an interface?


4. OSPF neighbors can have different Hello and Dead timers.


5. Which routing protocol uses multicast address FF02::9?


6. Which part of a MAC address is the OUI?


7. What is IARP used for?


8. How can you prevent split horizon issues on a router in a Frame Relay network?


9. What is the expression of a MAC address?


10. What command will show the CAM table?


11. Which type of FR encapsulation should you use when connecting a Cisco router to a non-Cisco router?


12. Which of the following AD will make it to the routing table?


13. Refer to the exhibit. Why is PC1 unable to reach PC2? All routes are configured correctly.1


14. What is the IEEE standard of 1000Base-T?


15. Which of the following protocols is a distance-vector protocol that allows classless routing?


16. Which of the following describes the DLCI?


17. Which of the following are PPP authentication methods? (Choose two)


18. What can you use to create a static route? (Choose two)


19. All of the following switches have the same priority, which one will become the root bridge?


20. Which of the following are functinos of a switch at layer 2? (Choose two)


21. Which mask should you use on a point-to-point link to reduce the waste of IP addresses?


22. Which host(s) have priority after the expiration of the backoff algorithm?


23. Which of the following are public IP address? (Choose two)


24. Which of the following has an AD of 0? (Choose two)


25. What is the AD of EIGRP?


26. Which switch will become the root bridge?


27. Which layer converts data packets from the Data Link layer into electrical signals?


28. What is 802.1w also called like?


29. At which layer of the OSI model does SMTP operate?


30. What is the range of a numbered standard access-list? (Choose two)


31. Which of the following are no disadvantages of NAT? (Choose two)


32. What type of IPv6 address identifies multiple interfaces but will only deliver packets to the closest destination?


33. What is the class C private IP address range?


34. Which of the following does a L2 switch provide? (Choose two)


35. What type of UTP cable can you use to connect to a console port?


36. What command should you use to see the LMI traffic statistics?


37. What are the default timers of HSRP?


38. Where are EIGRP successor routes stored?


39. Which of the following are no types of LMI? (Choose two)


40. What type of UTP cable can you use to connect a switch to a router?


41. What is the default subnetmask of a class C address?


42. What will be the destination IP address and MAC address in a frame when a PC sends a packet to its gateway to reach a PC in a remote network? (Choose two)


43. When will DTP never form a trunk?


44. When using router on a stick, where should you apply the gateway IP addresses of the different VLANs?


45. What layer of the TCP/IP or DOD model is equivalent to the Transport layer of the OSI model?


46. How many bits are in an IPv6 field?


47. What type of UTP cable can you use to connect a PC directly to a router?


48. Which of the following is the IEEE standard for frame tagging?


49. Which layer is represented by segments?


50. Which protocol uses TCP port 23?


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