1. At which layer of the OSI model does DHCP operate?


2. What is 802.1w also called like?


3. Which of the following  are not PPP Data-link protocols?


4. Which layer is represented in by bits?


5. What will OSPF use to choose the DR and BDR when all routers have the same OSPF priority?


6. At which layer of the OSI model does SNMP operate?


7. Which routing protocol uses multicast address FF02::A?


8. What is the default subnetmask of a class B address?


9. Which of the following protocols is used for trunking on a switch? (Choose two)


10. What are two ways to match all addresses in an access-list?


11. What is the range of a numbered extended access-list? (Choose two)


12. What type of UTP cable can you use to connect a router to another router?


13. Which layer is represented by packets?


14. Which of the following is not a STP port state?


15. What are the benefits of a named access-list over a numbered access-list? (Choose two)


16. What is the CPE?


17. In a network using EIGRP as routing protocol, all routes in the topology table are in an active state, what does this mean?


18. Which of the following are no disadvantages of NAT? (Choose two)


19. When using GLBP, which router will respond to the client ARP requests?


20. Which protocol uses TCP port 80?


21. What is the order of encapsulation?


22. Which of the following are private IP addresses? (Choose two)


23. What is the class A private IP address range?


24. What command would you use to save the running-config to NVRAM?


25. What does a switch break up by default?


26. How many bits are in an IPv6 field?


27. Which of the following has the lowest AD?


28. What command will show the CAM table?


29. Which of the following is not a routing loop prevention mechanism?


30. What is the last available address of the subnet


31. Which of the following are SNMP components? (Choose two)


32. Where is the ARP cache stored by default?


33. What can you use to create a static route? (Choose two)


34. Refer to the exhibit. Why are R1 and R2 unable to become neigbors?56




35. Where are the routing tables stored by default?


36. What commands have to be used on your router interfaces before NAT will translate addresses? (Choose two)


37. What command would you use to set a encrypted password Stevit to enter privilege mode?


38. Which of the following is correct?


39. An administrator of Stevit pings the address from the CMD on a PC host. An ICMP reply is received, what does this confirm?


40. Which of the following are no types of LMI? (Choose two)


41. Which of the following are not valid modes when a switch port is used as a vlan trunk? (Choose two)


42. What will the following access-list block?
Router(config)#access-list 148 deny tcp any any eq 22


43. Which of these ranges is the unique local unicast range?


44. Where is the running configuration stored by default?


45. Which of the following features are in SNMPv3 and in SNMPv2? (Choose two)


46. What does the violation restrict do on a switchport?


47. Which of the following are benefits of VLANs? (Choose two)


48. Which of the following protocols is a distance-vector protocol that allows classless routing?


49. What type of address translation can use one address to allow thousands of hosts to be translated globally?


50. Which part of a MAC address is the OUI?


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