1. Which of the following is not a routing loop prevention mechanism?


2. Where are EIGRP successor routes stored?


3. OSPF neighbors can have different Hello and Dead timers.


4. What will OSPF use to choose the DR and BDR when all routers have the same OSPF priority?


5. What command would enable OSPF with a process ID of 50?


6. Which of the following are routed protocols? (Choose two)


7. The feasible successor will be in the topology table.


8. What metric does OSPF use?


9. Which of the following protocols is a distance-vector protocol that allows classless routing?


10. What type of EIGRP interface will not send or receive hello packets?


11. Which of the following routed protocols does EIGRP support? (Choose two)


12. Which of the following does not auto summarize?


13. What is an advantage of static routing?


14. What can you use to create a static route? (Choose two)


15. Refer to the exhibit. What is this topology called like?8


16. What will be the destination IP address and MAC address in a frame when a PC sends a packet to its gateway to reach a PC in a remote network? (Choose two)


17. What command would enable EIGRP with an autonomous system of 150?


18. Can EIGRP routers become neighbors while being in different autonomous systems?


19. Which of the following are routing protocols? (Choose two)


20. Which of the following has an AD of 0? (Choose two)


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