1. What type of address translation can use one address to allow thousands of hosts to be translated globally?


2. What type of network is a Frame Relay WAN by default?


3. What is the default serial encapsulation on Cisco routers?


4. When using PPP authentication, you have to use your own hostname.


5. What is the demarcation point?


6. Which of the following descibes the LMI?


7. Which of the following are no types of LMI? (Choose two)


8. Which of the following describes the DLCI?


9. What command would you use to clear all your NAT entries from the translation table?


10. What is IARP used for?


11. What is the CIR?


12. PAT is also known as what?


13. What command has to be used on your router interfaces before NAT will translate addresses? (Choose two)


14. How can you prevent split horizon issues on a router in a Frame Relay network?


15. Which of the following are no disadvantages of NAT? (Choose two)


16. Which type of FR encapsulation should you use when connecting a Cisco router to a non-Cisco router?


17. What command should you use to see the LMI traffic statistics?


18. Which of the following are not PPP Data-link protocols? (Choose two)


19. Is an inside global before or after translation?


20. Which of the following are PPP authentication methods? (Choose two)


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